Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Gen Sec ESSAATN thanks  DS Dharmapuri ,Veteran NK  M Malligarchunan , Dist President, veteran Hav S Chinnasamy and their team for making the event a Grand success. It is their untiring efforts that made it succesfull in achieving the goals and meaningfull contribution to the community.

Before the Meeting Raised slogans.

Adressing the gathering Legal Adviser Veteran SGT SV Krishnan
The Stalwarts of ESSAATN
              Verteran NK M Malligarchunan,  DPI Dist Sec
              Verteran Hav S Chinnasamy,  DPI Dist President
              Veteran SPR Lukas Babu, Exec Member 
              Veteran Sub Maj G Naagarajan , State President ESSAATN
              Veteran Hy Capt A Ganesan , Vice President, ESSAATN

STATE PRESIDENT G NAAGARAJAN  adressing the Gathering.
Section of the Veterans Gathering

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