Thursday, June 25, 2015

An open letter to Hon PM of India

Dear Sir

I am pained to see the embarrassment being inflicted on your Govt due to promises made without thinking.
I would like to suggest an out of box idea to you. As it is your own Def Min feels the army has lost its relevance due to no war in last 4 decades. Thus is there a need for Defence forces  at all? To man the borders increase the PMF and disband the army/handover the security of the seas to the State Marine Forces and the air  force can be run by AI pilots or many others pilots who are jobless.

See the positives:-

  1. You would have hijacked another Congress idea as stated by Nehru that he will look after the security of the country with the police
  2. The entire defense budget will be there for populist schemes and subsidies.
  3.  No scams in defense procurements.
  4. PMF retire at 60 years so no OROP demand.
  5. You have a chiefs who will bend over backwards to oblige any suggestion so there will be instant acceptance from the army.
  6. The land bank of army will become free to be sold to Adani, Ambani and other corporates who can drive your make in India and of course Sharad Pawar will back you fully to complete his scheme of sale of Cantonment land.Majority strenthened.Hurrah.
  7. Not to forget you would become first leader in the world to take such a step thus Noble Prize for peace and host of other prizes would follow some thing that MMS tried desperately via his talks with Pakistan.
How to do it is simple give the forces 2 years to resettle their personnel. These people can go on study leave and look for alternate employment by 2018. By when it would be nearing elections thus giving you Lakhs of Crores for your schemes. 

The Army's equipment is as it is obsolete it is unfit for any real use thus the scrap value will add to your kitty.(Try OLX)

Imagine no army no veterans no OROP.

Thus you become a legend for world to follow.

With Regards
A soldier.

SOURCE [exservicemen-INDIA]

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