Sunday, June 21, 2015


Subject: Press Note UFESM

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Even As the on going hunger strike by veterans enters the seventh day, it seems that the Govt of India remains unmoved towards coming to a decision on OROP. It is indeed sad that despite the outpourings of resentment coming from across the country from the striking ESM, with support from most sections of civil society the government is preferring turning a deaf ear so far. The security and welfare of those who gave their all for the Nation's security seems to be of no concern to the powers that be.
To add insult to injury A major portion of the mainstream electronic media has preferred to ignore the issue totally despite real time information and news being given to them on a daily basis. The only vestige of importance being the regional electronic and to a large extent the print media who have been supportive of the cause. The mainstream print media has also ignored the plight of octogenarians and even some 
nanogerianarians who could be in a totally different line of fire while waiting eternally for the announcement.. The fate of widows and orphaned children as also those with combat disability has been left hanging on the file laden tables of the Ministry of Finance that despite all its yogic contortions, the PMO  cannot have them  moved.
In view of this stalemate, UFESM has convened a coordination committee at 1100 h at Jantar Mantar on 22 June 2015 to finalize the next course of action including escalation of protests as also form of Direct action. 
Once finalized the details will be conveyed to all concerned.
Col Anil Kaul, VrC Veteran
Media Advisor & Spokesman


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