Wednesday, April 27, 2016

ESSAA OROP anomali points

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Respected Sir/madam,

1.   We hereby submit following points for the removal of anomalies in OROP.

 a) X and Y group difference in basic pension should not be more than Rs700/- as the the difference in Pay of the groups is Rs1400/-Only.

b) Instead of the average of the base year 2013, maximum of the base year 2013 may be taken for arriving at the basic pension for the rank.

c) Hon naik ‘s  are granted the rank due to merit and it was selectively and not timescale based. Further they have been drawing Nk pension for over thirty years. Now in OROP they are equated with sepoy rank. This can not be in the sprit of OROP hence their pension should be equal to Naiks pension in their Group.

d) Hon  Nb sub’s are also granted the rank s pension but in OROP scheme they are granted pension for Havildar Rank. Which is putting them in disadvantageous position. Hence their pension should be equal to Nb Sub’s pension.

e) OROP scheme is a remedy for veterans. The disadvantage of service time continues to haunt the family till the demise of the wife of the veteran. Hence they should be paid pension equal to that paid  when veteran was alive.

f) Pension should be revised every year .

g) Reservists must be paid pension equal to Sepoy rank with 15 years service in OROP scheme. They have completed 10years Service and 10 years they were in reservist. Hence they should be granted OROP benefit.

h) while JCOs and equivalents served more years and employed for more years, but they are at disadvantageous comparing to civilians in loosing the pay during the maximum beneficial time. Hence they should be compensated in OROP.

(K Krishnamoorthy)
Gen secy,ESSAATN

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